Kingsley Publishing Services, 2010

Spencer Beach learned that sometimes tragedy chooses you for no reason at all. On a day like any other, just doing his job, he found himself suddenly engulfed in a flash fire. It came with a whistle and a bang, changing his life within the blink of an eye. Forever. Within twenty seconds, he received third and fourth degree burns to 90 percent of his body. He fought through the fire to escape, to live even though he thought he was going to die. Holding onto the fading thoughts of his wife and the developing child within her womb gave him the courage to find a way out. But he had no idea what survival would mean.

Spencer Beach's memoir is a Canadian bestseller. The book was long listed for the 2010 Alberta Readers’ Choice Award.

An excerpt appeared in the Edmonton Journal, and Spencer was interviewed on CBC Calgary. Alberta Venture published an article about Spencer in September 2011.