A Bridge Too Far: The Story of My Big Jewish Nose
Swerve Magazine
August 22, 2014

Finalist for the 2014 National Magazine Award for essay

Finalist for the 2014 Alberta Magazine Award for feature writing

. . . “You had a very basic rhinoplasty that I wouldn’t do, because it’s not sophisticated,” he says. He tells me my surgeon just took the “hump” off, flattening the bridge, “which doesn’t make it attractive.” And, he adds, they didn’t do enough to the tip, so my face is unbalanced. He takes out a calipre and proceeds to measure my face, explaining that in the golden ratio—1:1.618—lies the empirically demonstrated source of beauty, in everything from flowers to faces. My face, he shows me, is well proportioned, except for my nose, which is out of whack in several regards. . . .