Naomi K. Lewis
Why Hire a Ghostwriter?

You have experienced something incredible, life-changing, or just plain entertaining, and you want the world to know. You are an expert in a field that would fascinate the public if you could just express it right. You have written your memoir or nonfiction manuscript only to have publishers suggest you team up with a professional writer. You have a filing cabinet full of research, but don’t know where to begin.

You have a story to tell, but you don’t have the time to write it. Let’s face it: you don’t know how to write it. Not to worry. As a ghostwriter, I will help you produce the book you would write, if you had the time and training. I will organize your story, your thoughts and ideas, and bring them to life - in your voice - on the page.


The first time we talk, I will answer your questions about ghostwriting, and I will provide you with a written questionnaire about your project. Can you describe what your book is about in one sentence? Why do you think this book should be written? I’ll ask what kind of book you envision, and who you see as your audience; how much you’ve written, and how much research you’ve done (don’t worry if the answer is little or none, on both counts); and how much time you’re prepared to invest in the project. You might have trouble answering some of these questions at first, and we can figure out the answers together.

If we decide to work together, you will send me all the materials you’ve written and amassed for the project, and I will create an tentative outline for your book, along with an assessment of the work that needs to be done. You will ask for changes to the plan as you see fit, and we will negotiate a payment schedule.

After signing our contract, we will set up an interview schedule. In essence, you will dictate the contents of your book to me. Depending how much you’ve already written, I may ask questions to fill in gaps, or we may be start from the beginning. I will direct the conversation, and you will do most of the talking. Thanks to phones and computers, we can work together easily even if we are not in the same city. We may want to meet in person at least once.

Depending on our agreement, I may write one to three chapters or even the whole book before sending you a draft for approval. When you receive a draft, you may ask for changes, big or small, and we will continue, within reason, passing the manuscript back and forth until you are satisfied with it.

Please contact me to discuss project details and rates.

Ghostwritten books by Naomi K. Lewis

"Naomi is capable, works hard, and is a naturally talented writer. She is gifted at capturing the sentiment and facts I wish to convey, and at articulating them in a way that a general readership can relate to. Her writing style resembles that of a water slide — once engaged, the reader keeps on going. I have personally much enjoyed working with Naomi on our mutual project and am grateful for her help."
- Dr. Sayeh Zielke

“This book cuts through the fog of information about heart health, providing clear advice with humour and genuine wisdom.”
- Robert James Sutherland, PhD
Director of the Canadian Centre for Behavioural Neuroscience

Winner of the 2019/2020 Donner Prize

"Naomi Lewis was an incisive and constructive collaborator in the development of my first book. Her contributions materially improved the clarity and accessibility of the prose for a somewhat difficult and arcane business-centric non-fiction topic. Her professionalism and working style were especially helpful to a first time author. Her patience and support helped me tremendously. I heartily endorse her for anyone trying a similar project."
- Dennis McConaghy

"...a fascinating read about the Keystone XL saga from an insider's perspective. Whether one agrees or not with his policy conclusions, the book is a tour de force in explaining dysfunctional policy decision-making that has led to the undermining of regulatory processes for resource projects in North America. Surely, we can do better."
- Jack Mintz, President’s Fellow of the School of Public Policy, University of Calgary

“I chose to seek a ghostwriter because I wanted my book to be of the utmost quality. Naomi Lewis not only achieved the goals I had but also made the experience fun and enjoyable. Without her my dream would not have become as complete as it has.”
- Spencer Beach